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Users review says as they could plug it in without worrying about the right side, making charging and data transfer a breeze.

In the vibrant world of Gamelandia, a USB Type-C cable with dynamic RGB LEDs became the life of the gaming party. As it connected gaming peripherals, the room lit up with a dazzling display of colors, turning every gaming session into a visual spectacle.

USB Type-C cable with an incredible 81% discount was the talk of the town. It became a legendary accessory, known far and wide for bringing affordable charging and data transfer solutions to the people.

USB Type-C cable set out on a quest to provide fast charging to devices in need. With its 3 Amps of power output, it became a hero, rescuing smartphones and tablets from the dreaded low battery problems.

This is special limited time offer for today cause it work as not only charger it is both side useable connector C-Type or Type-C

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