Assam Rifles Jawan Shoots Self After Injuring 6 Colleagues in Manipur

Assam Rifles Jawan Shoots Self After Injuring 6 Colleagues in Manipur

In a shocking incident near the India-Myanmar border, an Assam Rifles jawan opened fire on his colleagues, injuring six, before turning the weapon on himself. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday, has raised concerns and prompted an immediate response from authorities.

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The incident involves a jawan from the paramilitary force Assam Rifles, who, upon returning from leave, unleashed a tragic episode by shooting six colleagues before taking his own life.

Background of Assam Rifles

Assam Rifles, a pivotal paramilitary force, plays a crucial role in maintaining peace and security, especially in regions with ethnic tensions, such as Manipur.

Details of the Incident

On a fateful day, near the India-Myanmar border, the jawan’s actions resulted in injuries to his colleagues. The injured were swiftly evacuated to a military hospital, where their condition was reported to be stable.

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Identity of the Jawan

The jawan involved, a local from a nearby district, had recently returned from leave, adding a layer of perplexity to the tragic incident.

Manipur Police Statement

In response to the incident, the Manipur police issued a statement clarifying that all the injured personnel were non-Manipuris. This was to dispel any potential rumours and avoid speculation in the context of the ongoing ethnic strife in Manipur.

Investigation Process

An investigation has been ordered to ascertain the facts surrounding the incident. Authorities are committed to uncovering the truth and ensuring a fair and transparent reporting of the events.

Ethnic Strife in Manipur

Given the backdrop of ethnic tensions in Manipur, it is essential to separate this incident from the ongoing conflict. None of the injured individuals are from Manipur, emphasizing the need to avoid drawing unwarranted connections.

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Assam Rifles Composition

Assam Rifles battalions maintain a mixed-class composition, including personnel from various communities. This diversity reflects the force’s commitment to unity amidst societal polarization.

Community Living within Assam Rifles

Despite societal challenges, Assam Rifles personnel coexist harmoniously, demonstrating the force’s role in fostering unity among diverse communities for the greater good of Manipur.

Military Hospital Evacuation

The injured colleagues were promptly evacuated to a military hospital, and their reported stable condition provides a glimmer of hope amid the tragedy.

Significance of Transparent Reporting

Transparent reporting is crucial in preventing speculation and ensuring accurate information dissemination. Authorities are committed to providing the public with truthful and unbiased updates on the investigation.

Impact on Local Society

While tragic, the incident’s impact on local communities is a concern. Authorities are actively engaged in addressing concerns and maintaining normalcy in the affected areas.

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Credit: The Indian Express

Assam Rifles’ Contribution to Peace

Acknowledging Assam Rifles’ contributions to maintaining peace, the incident highlights the challenges faced by the force and its continuous efforts to collaborate with local communities for stability.


In conclusion, the incident demands a thorough investigation to uncover the underlying factors. Our thoughts are with the injured personnel, and we hope for a resolution that brings clarity and justice to this unfortunate event.


  1. Were the injured personnel from Manipur?
    • No, all the injured individuals were reported to be non-Manipuris.
  2. What is the status of the injured colleagues?
    • The injured colleagues have been evacuated to a military hospital, and their condition is reported to be stable.
  3. Is there a connection between the incident and ongoing ethnic strife in Manipur?
    • The police statement emphasizes that the incident is unrelated to the ongoing ethnic conflict, as none of the injured are from Manipur.
  4. How diverse are Assam Rifles battalions?
    • Assam Rifles battalions have a mixed class composition, including personnel from various communities in Manipur.
  5. What measures are being taken to address the incident’s impact on local society?
    • Authorities are actively engaged in addressing concerns and maintaining normalcy in the affected areas.

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