Patrice Evra Exclusive Interview in India Visit: The Man Behind the Legend

Patrice Evra’s life journey, from the streets of France to becoming a football icon, has been nothing short of remarkable. In this exclusive interview, we delve into Evra’s post-retirement adventures, his first visit to India, and the purpose that now drives him.

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Evra’s Journey from Footballer to Instagram Star

Retiring from professional football five years ago, Patrice Evra transitioned seamlessly into the world of social media. As a marauding left-back, he earned accolades at Manchester United, winning multiple titles. Today, he captivates a global audience with his wacky antics and unique takes on modern football.

The Impact of Patrice Evra’s Autobiography

Evra’s autobiography, “I Love This Game,” offers insights into the challenges faced by footballers, both mentally and physically. It also sheds light on a personal incident that prompted him to advocate against violence towards children.

Mission to India: Spreading Messages of Humanity

In his first visit to India, Evra aims to spread messages of humanity and contribute to the development of football infrastructure. Energized by the warmth and enthusiasm of Indian fans, he shares his vision for making a positive social impact beyond the realm of sport.

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Developing Football Infrastructure in India

As a football pundit, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and investor, Evra brings a wealth of ideas and experience to India. He discusses his plans to improve footballing facilities and create a lasting social impact in the country.

Nurturing World-Class Footballers in India

Observing the passion for football among Indian youth, Evra believes that the nation has the potential to produce world-class footballers. Drawing parallels with his journey, he encourages Indian youngsters to dream big and work hard.

Addressing Sensitive Topics in His Autobiography

Evra opens up about sensitive topics like mental health and child sexual abuse in his autobiography. His decision to share these experiences stems from a desire to be transparent about his life and inspire others to speak up about their traumas.

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I Love This Game | Book by Patrice Evra | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster UK

Social Media Impact: Laughter and Positive Change

Beyond football, Evra leverages social media to create a positive impact. His engaging posts not only entertain but also uplift individuals in challenging times, showcasing the potential of sports personalities to make a difference.

The Evolving Landscape of Young Footballers

Expressing concern for modern footballers, Evra discusses the challenges they face, emphasizing the shift towards playing for fame and money rather than the badge, passion, and fans.

Potential Return to Manchester United

Despite his diverse ventures, Evra envisions a return to Manchester United. Acknowledging the managerial potential identified by Sir Alex Ferguson, he emphasizes the importance of effective communication in coaching.

Reflections on Key Moments in His Career

Evra reflects on significant moments, such as the 2008 Champions League semi-final against Barcelona, and his debut for Manchester United. These experiences shaped his resilience and determination to succeed at the highest level.

Mental Toughness: A Missing Element in Modern Football

Comparing the mentality of past and present footballers, Evra highlights the current trend of making excuses. He advocates for a stronger mentality and a focus on the game’s essence, regardless of external distractions.

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Patrice Evra: Beyond Football, Into Bollywood?

Revealing his venture into acting, Evra shares his cameo in an upcoming movie and expresses openness to Bollywood. Known for his vibrant personality, he sees potential synergy with the colourful and dynamic world of Indian cinema.

Final Message to Indian Football Fans and Manchester United Supporters

In a heartfelt message, Evra urges Indian football enthusiasts to be happy, respect others, and nurture a love for the game. To Manchester United supporters, he emphasizes faith in the club’s history and the promise of better times ahead.

Patrice Evra Exclusive Interview in India Visit: The Man Behind the Legend
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Patrice Evra’s exclusive interview provides a glimpse into the multifaceted personality beyond the football pitch. From advocating social change to nurturing talent in India, his journey continues to inspire. As he embraces diverse roles, including a potential return to Manchester United and a venture into Bollywood, Evra’s impact transcends the boundaries of sports.


  1. Q: How did Patrice Evra transition from football to social media? A: Evra seamlessly embraced social media post-retirement, captivating a global audience with his unique takes on football and life.
  2. Q: What inspired Evra to address sensitive topics in his autobiography? A: A personal incident prompted Evra to speak openly about mental health and child sexual abuse, aiming to inspire others to share their stories.
  3. Q: What is Evra’s vision for football in India? A: Evra aims to contribute to the development of football infrastructure in India and create a lasting social impact beyond the sport.
  4. Q: Does Patrice Evra see himself returning to Manchester United? A: Yes, Evra envisions a return to Manchester United, driven by a desire to share his knowledge and experience with the club.
  5. Q: Is Patrice Evra open to acting in Bollywood? A: Yes, Evra has already acted in a movie and expresses openness to working in Bollywood, appreciating the vibrancy of Indian cinema.


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