Warning on E-Bikes and Scooters: Risk of Battery on Fire

Amid the holiday season, a stark revelation has prompted Trading Standards to issue a serious Warning on E-Bikes and Scooters by the government of the UK. The alarm in lithium-ion battery-related fires has reached a staggering fourfold increase in the UK over the last three years. This article is related to the pressing issue, shedding light on the risks associated with these popular electric vehicles and offering essential safety measures. The source information has been collected from the government website of the UK


The Growing Threat of E-Bikes and Scooters

As fire and safety experts report, overheating lithium-ion batteries are now causing fires at a rate of at least six incidents per week across the UK. Shockingly, national figures reveal that since 2020, 190 individuals have been injured in fires linked to these batteries, with 10 cases proving fatal.

The integration of e-bikes and scooters with mobile apps provides users with real-time information, such as battery status, location tracking, and ride history. This connectivity adds a layer of convenience to the overall riding experience.

While e-bikes and scooters contribute to environmental sustainability, the disposal of batteries poses a challenge. Proper recycling and disposal methods need to be established to mitigate environmental impact.

The rapid adoption of e-bikes and scooters has outpaced regulatory frameworks in some regions. Establishing clear guidelines for their usage and safety is essential to ensure a harmonious integration into existing transportation systems.

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Trading Standards' Advisory

North East Lincolnshire’s Trading Standards team urges caution, particularly when buying from less regulated online marketplaces, such as China. They endorse an Important Safety Message from the Office for Product and Safety Standards (OPSS) and stress the importance of taking specific steps to minimize fire risks associated with e-bikes and e-scooters.

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Benefits of E-bikes and Scooters

One of the primary advantages of e-bikes and scooters is their positive impact on the environment. With zero emissions, they contribute significantly to reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Compared to traditional vehicles, e-bikes and scooters offer a cost-effective means of transportation. The initial investment is lower, and the maintenance costs are minimal, making them an economical choice for many.

Beyond the environmental and financial perks, e-bikes and scooters promote a healthier lifestyle. The pedal-assist feature encourages physical activity, providing a convenient way to stay active while commuting.

The widespread adoption of e-bikes and scooters can significantly contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of transportation. Their eco-friendly nature aligns with global efforts to combat climate change.

Governments worldwide are recognizing the benefits of electric transportation. Subsidies, incentives, and infrastructure development for e-bikes and scooters indicate a positive shift towards sustainable urban mobility.

When considering the overall cost of ownership, including purchase price, maintenance, and fuel, e-bikes and scooters often prove to be more cost-effective than traditional vehicles.

The convenience of e-bikes and scooters lies in their accessibility and ease of use. They offer a practical solution for short-distance commuting without the hassle of parking and traffic congestion.


Types of E-bikes and Scooters

E-bikes come in various styles, from mountain bikes to commuter bikes. The electric motor assists the rider’s pedalling, making tackling inclines and covering longer distances easier.

Electric scooters are compact and elegant, making them ideal for short urban commutes. They are popular for solving the “last-mile problem,” offering a convenient solution for getting from public transportation to the final destination.

E-bikes and scooters operate on a simple yet efficient mechanism. The battery powers an electric motor, which, in turn, propels the vehicle forward.

Some e-bikes feature a pedal-assist system, where the motor kicks in as the rider pedals. Others have a throttle-controlled mechanism, allowing the rider to control the speed with a hand throttle.

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OPSS Five-Step Safety Guide

  1. Research – Only purchase from reputable sellers and check product reviews.
  2. Read – Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging and usage.
  3. Check – Ensure compatibility and safety with the manufacturer’s recommended battery or charger.
  4. Charge – Safely charge in an unobstructed area and unplug when charging is complete.
  5. Never – Attempt to modify or tamper with the battery.

Insights from Cllr Ron Shepherd

Cllr Ron Shepherd, Portfolio Holder for Safer and Stronger Communities in North East Lincolnshire, emphasizes the need to adhere to safety guidelines. He underscores the urgency of buying e-bikes and scooters only from reputable dealers and following stringent safety measures.


Warning Signs and Immediate Action

Stop using or charging your battery immediately if you notice

  • Overheating: The battery feels extremely hot.
  • Deformation: Battery appears swollen or leaking.
  • Noise: Hissing or cracking sounds from the battery.
  • Smell: Strong or unusual odour emanating from the battery.
  • Performance: The battery doesn’t fully charge or takes longer than normal.
  • Smoke: The battery or device starts smoking.
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Immediate Actions:

  • Raise the alarm, evacuate, and call 999 if the device catches fire.
  • Turn off the device and unplug it if signs of failure appear.
  • Contact the manufacturer or retailer for further guidance.
  • Report faulty chargers or batteries to the Citizens Advice Consumer Service.

Safe Charging Practices

To prevent potential disasters, users are advised to:

  • Avoid charging in bedrooms or areas blocking escape routes.
  • Never leave batteries charging unattended.
  • Do not cover chargers or battery packs during charging.
  • Refrain from overloading sockets or using inappropriate extension leads.
  • Charge and store batteries away from direct sunlight or hot locations.
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Fire Safety Measures

  • Install smoke alarms where batteries are charged.
  • Regularly test smoke alarms.
  • Have a fire escape plan in place.

Maintenance Tips

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging and usage.
  • Use only manufacturer-approved batteries and chargers.
  • Inspect products regularly for signs of damage or battery failure.
  • Do not attempt to modify or tamper with batteries.

Buying Guidelines

  • Purchase from reputable retailers with CE or UKCA marks.
  • Check product reviews before buying.
  • Register products to validate warranties.
  • Stay informed about product recalls.

Selecting the right electric vehicle depends on individual needs. For daily commuting, a reliable e-bike might be the best choice, while scooters are more suitable for short trips and urban mobility.

Knowing the battery capacity and its range is crucial. It determines how far the e-bike or scooter can travel on a single charge. Factors such as terrain and rider weight also influence battery performance.

E-Bike Conversion Kits

  • Professional installation is recommended.
  • DIY installation may lead to safety issues and void warranties.
  • Modification for increased power or speed may make the e-bike illegal for road use.

Safe Battery Disposal

  • Lithium-ion batteries should not be disposed of with regular rubbish.
  • Check local authorities’ websites for safe disposal information.
  • Find the nearest recycling centre at

Legal Use of E-Scooters

  • Only officially rented e-scooters may be used legally on roads in the UK.
  • Other e-scooters are classified as Powered Transporters and cannot be legally used on roads.
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As the allure of e-bikes and e-scooters grows, so does the importance of understanding and mitigating the associated risks. Safety should be paramount when considering these electric vehicles, especially during the festive season. By following the outlined guidelines, consumers can enjoy the benefits of e-bikes and e-scooters without compromising their well-being.

As cities grapple with increasing traffic congestion, e-bikes and scooters offer a solution. Their compact size allows riders to navigate through traffic easily, reducing overall congestion on the roads.

Modern e-bikes and scooters often come equipped with smart features. These include GPS navigation, anti-theft systems, and connectivity with mobile apps, enhancing the overall user experience. For the latest news please visit our latest news page.

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