In a surprising turn of events, NDTV Ltd has witnessed a remarkable surge in NDTV stock prices, with a 36.18% gain in just two days.


As of the latest available data on 6th December 2023, promoters hold a substantial hike of the stock price of 284 INR in the company.

In a narrative reminiscent of perseverance, NDTV's stock defied expectations, soaring by an impressive 15.01% in a single trading session. 

Delve into the intricacies behind the numbers as we dissect NDTV's stock hike. 

With all listed Adani Group stocks witnessing gains, delve into how external factors can influence India

Uncover the regulatory landscape as exchanges BSE and NSE sought clarification from NDTV regarding the surge in share prices. NDTV's transparent response and commitment to keeping investors informed highlight the importance of regulatory adherence in maintaining market trust.

This story encapsulates the resilience of the stock market and the potential impact of external endorsements on individual stocks.